I had no idea!

Ok, so when I wrote my post in November using my autism as a way to explain why we should also treat gender dysphoria as a disease, not just a state of being, I had no idea that a larger than normal percent of people with autism also struggle with gender dysphoria. Just google it and you will find a lot of information out there.

Of course, the information is being used as proof that gender dysphoria is also genetic because autism is genetic. People are being told that this just means that we need to support autistic people in their gender dysphoria.

But I propose something different – something that would have been the norm not so long ago – that this is another indication that gender dysphoria comes into people’s lives as part of something else that is not right in their lives, that it is not a state that a healthy person chooses to live in.

Again, as someone with autism, who has had to struggle through some gender dysphoria myself, I am here to say that gender dysphoria is the symptom of some other problem in a person’s life.

With proper understanding of who God has created you to be all dyphoria goes away. Only a joyful expectation of what He has in store for you remains. Yes, like Job, sometimes there is pain and suffering involved in that path, but, also like Job, greater blessings than you can ever imagine await!

Everything is a video game!


Last night I had my teenage son help me prepare supper. We were making Chicken Étoufée, so there was a lot of: cook this for a while, then add this and cook it some more, then add this other thing, etc, all while stirring continuously.

At one point, I was stirring, and asked him to add the next set of ingredients. He picked up the container of diced vegetables and tipped it over the pan. He then started to jab at the mirepoix with his rubber scraper, flicking little bits of it at a time into the roux.

“You could turn your scraper to more efficiently…,” I began. Then I heard the giggling and saw how the mini vegetable bombs were just missing my stirring hand, the container trying to get into rhythm with arm.

“You turned this into a video game, didn’t you?” Louder giggling. “OK, just be more careful not to get it on the neighboring burners – stoves are a lot of work to clean!”