“Without Him we are disabled.”

I love this quote from one of the leaders of our school’s Mom’s in touch prayer group. Today we focused on God being our enabler.

I laughed when I first heard her say that, not because I don’t think He is, but because we, as a society are constantly told, “don’t enable them.” This, of course refers to the need to not help out people in such a way that it allows them to remain in their bad habits. God definitely does not do that, quite the opposite as a matter-of-fact.

When I explained my sudden outburst of laughter, our leader said the title phrase. How true that is! And when you live with a medically-identified disability, you can appreciate that phrase even more.

I truly would be able to do virtually nothing in society if it weren’t for Him enabling me. Neurotypical people are not able to do anything worth anything eternally without God’s help, but they are able to do a lot that is looked at as good, useful by the world.

That is one of the blessings of being disabled by the world’s standards. There is no chance for me to get confused about how the good that I do has come about – it can’t be me, so it has to be Him!


Published by

Heather Holbrook

I found out that I have Autism upon having a son with the same "disorder." Ironically, I was voted, "Most Likely to Succeed," by my high school classmates. But had I been born now, instead of 40+ years ago, I would have been considered a different sort of special. This site was started to encourage other Autistics and the people who love them .

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