Am I a bad wife?

So, I enjoy music, but I am not a music geek, nor would I even consider myself a musician. I have played piano and trumpet in the past, and was part of several no-audition choirs growing up, but I do not have any innate talent.

My husband is a musician, and I am now realizing that he is not just a musician, but an electronic music geek. Yesterday something that supposedly is a music maker entered our home via, bought with Christmas money. He was excitedly describing it to me last weekend and it sounded like fun – a very mini, hold-in-one-hand synthesizer. I couldn’t wait to see it. I think synthesizers are a lot of fun to play with. There are all these great sounds with just the press of a button.

Well, I tried to think of a time of day that I would want to hear the noise coming from this new mini sythesizer, and the only time I could come up with that would be acceptable for him to play it: When I am not around! It is truly horrendous. It makes screeching, nails on chalkboard, cats fighting, sirens wailing sorts of sounds, that are supposedly musical, but I can’t hear it.

I guess this thing was cool back in the 70s or early 80s, when it was the first electronic noise maker. And being an electronics geek and musician growing up at that time, I can understand why my husband likes it, from a purely nostalgic standpoint. But this is one thing that he is going to have to enjoy on his own.

I have learned to cook and actually enjoying eating curry and Mexican food – both of which I hadn’t particularly enjoyed before meeting him. I don’t say anything when he practises the same electric bass line for 10+ years. I have learned to enjoy TV shows and movies that I would have never even imagined trying. But I’m sorry, I’m going to have to draw the line at a screeching noise maker.

Maybe when the arguing kids (though they are pretty good as far as kids go) grow up and leave, I’ll have the patience for it, but today – thank goodness it has an earphone jack!

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Heather Holbrook

I found out that I have Autism upon having a son with the same "disorder." Ironically, I was voted, "Most Likely to Succeed," by my high school classmates. But had I been born now, instead of 40+ years ago, I would have been considered a different sort of special. This site was started to encourage other Autistics and the people who love them .

2 thoughts on “Am I a bad wife?”

  1. It is so crazy that you just “liked” this blog, Oneta. We, as a family, were just joking about this very thing last night. God works in mysterious ways!


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