Healing hearts

As I mentioned in a previous post, several years ago my husband was in the hospital with kidney stones, pneumonia and a rapid heart beat. He went in on a Saturday. While sitting in church that Sunday, vacillating between steeling myself for the possibility of single-parenthood and hoping that my husband would come out OK, the pastor shared that someone had received a word from God that God was going to heal someones heart.

I wept inside with relief. That word was for my husband! After church the kids and I went to the hospital to visit him. He was doing much better. I don’t remember if his heartbeat was all the way back to normal, but within the next day or so, he was able to come home and was back at work within the week.

The next Sunday during the opening worship songs, I felt compelled to let the pastor know about my husband’s healing. My pastor was thrilled to learn of it, sharing that he had felt called to talk to the congregation about healing again this Sunday if he heard some confirmations of healings from previous words given.

So share what God has done for you – had I not shared, words of healing for others may not have been shared that Sunday. I am so thankful for the person who shared the word for my husband’s healing – I had been too overwhelmed to pray for him much myself.

Thanks to all of you who bolster my faith!

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Heather Holbrook

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