Even then, He humored us

While reading through Chapter 2 of Gensis, I had to smile. You know how it is when you want your child to realize something on their own, so you casusally lead them through various circumstances that, unbeknownst to them, will help them make the right decision.

I am coming up blank right now when trying to think of a time that I did that, though I know that I have. Of course when I try it, it has varying results. Those kids can reallly be surprising!

But God always knows how we will respond, so there He was in the Garden of Eden leading Adam along. God had to have known that none of the animals would make a suitable partner for Adam. But God wanted to Adam to decide that for himself.

Just think how much more excited Adam was about Eve than if God had just created her at the same time. Now he anticipated a partner. Had she been there from the start, he would not have realized how lonely he would be without her.

Even at the very beginning, God humored us, letting us think that we discovered something for ourselves, all the while, directing us to it without us even realizing. Thanks, God!