Is there a doctor in the house?

Ok, all of you friends out there with psychology degrees. I have a question for you. It goes like this.

The other day while hanging out with some soon-to-be-wed friends, the gentleman started saying something in a hilarious cartoon character voice. I cracked up, while his fiancee rolled her eyes. This in turn made me laugh more.

I was remembering how endearing I had thought my boyfriend’s silliness, and how as we became engaged and then married, the silliness became less endearing and more, well, just silly. I laughed with her about how we have to live with such goofy men. Her poor fiancee then put on a pretend pout and walked across the room.

I still think my friend is hilarious. I hadn’t meant him to think I was laughing at him. I was laughing at his fiancee’s reaction to him. And I love it when my husband cracks our kids or friends up with his antics. And after being married a bit over a decade, I am starting to enjoy his silliness more, again. But why is it that married couples do that – start to find those things we loved while dating to be annoying?

Answers anyone?

Think, Julie Andrews

Our school’s fourth grade is by far the best grade ever! They study Medieval history during the last quarter, topping it off with a grand Medieval Feast, in full costume (is you would like).

Needless to say, my daughter and I are thrilled at the prospect of dressing up, and my husband and son are willingly going along.

I have learned that buying costumes online can be very risky – I bought a Christopher Columbus costume for my son a few months back for a research project presentation, and ordered a size that sounded like it would be a bit too large, but they were out of the size that he supposedly needed. Well, when the costume came, it barely even fit him. It was a bit small, but we managed to squeeze him in, and since it was just for one afternoon, it was alright. I didn’t pay much for it, and you could tell by the flimsy fabric.

So for the Feast, I decided to sew. But as anyone who sews knows, that is not the cheap way to go, unless you happen to find a really good deal, or are able to buy a little at a time with weekly coupons. I do have two months to get ready, but didn’t have the patience for those options, so decided to look around the house.

Curtains! Several years ago I bought some curtains that I was going to alter in an effort to save money. Well, after years of starting and stopping the project, so I would never know where I was in it, and then would mess things up, and just wasn’t getting it done, and the family really wanted curtains on several of the windows to block the sun that reflected on the TV making it impossible to watch at certain times of the day, I finally gave up and bought curtains that didn’t need altering.

This left me with a bunch of cut up curtain panels stacked neatly in my craft closet. Deep brown and reddish curtain panels with brocadish patterns. Yards and yards. Hmmmm. Cue music for, “These are a few of my favorite things.”

The fabric is much too heavy for my kids to wear, so I splurged on new for them. But my husband and I will be wearing old curtains.

Am I a bad wife?

So, I enjoy music, but I am not a music geek, nor would I even consider myself a musician. I have played piano and trumpet in the past, and was part of several no-audition choirs growing up, but I do not have any innate talent.

My husband is a musician, and I am now realizing that he is not just a musician, but an electronic music geek. Yesterday something that supposedly is a music maker entered our home via, bought with Christmas money. He was excitedly describing it to me last weekend and it sounded like fun – a very mini, hold-in-one-hand synthesizer. I couldn’t wait to see it. I think synthesizers are a lot of fun to play with. There are all these great sounds with just the press of a button.

Well, I tried to think of a time of day that I would want to hear the noise coming from this new mini sythesizer, and the only time I could come up with that would be acceptable for him to play it: When I am not around! It is truly horrendous. It makes screeching, nails on chalkboard, cats fighting, sirens wailing sorts of sounds, that are supposedly musical, but I can’t hear it.

I guess this thing was cool back in the 70s or early 80s, when it was the first electronic noise maker. And being an electronics geek and musician growing up at that time, I can understand why my husband likes it, from a purely nostalgic standpoint. But this is one thing that he is going to have to enjoy on his own.

I have learned to cook and actually enjoying eating curry and Mexican food – both of which I hadn’t particularly enjoyed before meeting him. I don’t say anything when he practises the same electric bass line for 10+ years. I have learned to enjoy TV shows and movies that I would have never even imagined trying. But I’m sorry, I’m going to have to draw the line at a screeching noise maker.

Maybe when the arguing kids (though they are pretty good as far as kids go) grow up and leave, I’ll have the patience for it, but today – thank goodness it has an earphone jack!

A Tale of Two Cats

While preparing dinner this afternoon, my cat, Mittens hopped up on the chair next to me and peeked up onto the counter, wondering what delectable treat I might be preparing.

“It’s just onions, Cutie, I don’t think you like these.”

She hopped down and purred around my ankles.

“Alright, here’s a piece, but I know you aren’t going to be happy about it.”

After I tossed a segment of onion on the floor, Mittens crept over to inspect it, nose stretched to within a few milimeters of the morsel. One tentative sniff and she was gone.

Meanwhile, my parent’s kitten, Puka, had stopped by. Upon seeing Mittens inspecting the eats, she decided to give it a try. Casually walking up to the rejected tidbit, she sat down and gave it a thorough lick.

“Haaack, hack, hack!”

“I told you two you wouldn’t like it!”

I was left to prepare dinner in peace.

How to survive in the center of the sun

Wear lava-proof underwear.

I learned this imortant information today from my 10-year-old Aspie during lunch, and thought I would pass it along.

He is learning about volcanoes in science class right now, so asked Friday if we would be able to make some lava at home. I had to inform him that, unfortunately (thankfully!) we do not have equipment capable of generating enough heat to melt rocks. “But it sure would be cool if we could,” was my supportive response.