No Fear

Another thing I have seen God do when allowing people to go through trials is that coming out the other side builds such trust in God that we no longer fear what life can throw at us. We have faced our fears and have found them to be lacking when compared to God’s provision.

Proverbs 31: 21, 25

“When it snows, she has no fear for her household; for all of them are clothed in scarlet.

She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come.”

May we be able to laugh at the days to come because we know God has it all under control.

Published by

Heather Holbrook

I found out that I have Autism upon having a son with the same "disorder." Ironically, I was voted, "Most Likely to Succeed," by my high school classmates. But had I been born now, instead of 40+ years ago, I would have been considered a different sort of special. This site was started to encourage other Autistics and the people who love them .

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